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Monitoring Scylla with collectd, riemann-dash, and Tessera

Editor: Scylla, or ScyllaDB, is said to be the “world’s fastest NoSQL column store database”. It’s a drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra.

You can visualize Scylla performance with Tessera and riemann-dash, thanks to collectd support. Scylla can be configured to send data using the collectd protocol, once per second, which makes it easy to keep an eye on the performance of a whole cluster.

In order to simplify the chain of tools needed to get all the visualization working, we have packaged collectd, along with everything else needed, in Docker containers. Getting everything working correctly can be complicated. Tessera depends on the Graphite real-time graphing system, which is also included.
Preparation and install

The monitoring containers will need several ports on the host. Riemann uses two ports, one for the riemann-dash web UI and one for the riemann WebSockets server, and the other services will each need a port. Continue reading.

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