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Scaling Jenkins using DCOS and Marathon

Today, we’re excited to share some of the work we’ve done to reliably deploy Jenkins masters using Mesosphere’s Datacenter Operating System (DCOS) and Marathon. Up until this point, Jenkins has been usable on Apache Mesos, but deploying it on the DCOS was non-trivial.

To help organizations better scale their Jenkins environments—and to avoid the statically partitioned infrastructure that is typically associated with multiple Jenkins clusters—the team at Twitter developed an open source Mesos plugin for Jenkins. This plugin allows multiple Jenkins masters to share a single pool of resources to run builds, with the ability to dynamically create and destroy Jenkins agents as demand increases or decreases.

Perhaps most notably, eBay uses the Mesos plugin for Jenkins to improve resource utilization in its clusters while still providing thousands of individual Jenkins masters for each of its developers.

Now, DCOS users can reap the same benefits.

How it works

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