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How to use fedora-tools image for Fedora Atomic Host

Fedora Atomic Host is a container-native version of the Fedora distribution. It is one of several operating systems expressly designed for running containers. A listing of those I’m aware of can be found at 6 operating systems designed just for Docker and other container runtimes.

On Fedora Atomic Host, as on CentOS Atomic Host and Red Hat Atomic Host, there are no binary packages to install, so you can’t do a dnf install or yum install because everything available for use on the system is a container.

So what happens when you need to perform the usual system administration tasks using the usual system administration tools that you’re used to from Fedora? That’s where fedora-tools comes in. Watch the video below to see how the Red Hat version (rhel-tools) works, then read this blog posts to learn how to use fedora-tools image.

Fedora-tools for atomic host

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