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Installing, troubleshooting MongoDB 2.6.4 startup failure on Fedora 20

I’ve been running MongoDB on Debian-based distribution and haven’t had any issue installing or managing it. However, when I tried to set it up on my main desktop, which is running Fedora 20 KDE, I ran into an annoying problem. This post documents what that problem was and a solution that worked for me.

The latest stable edition of MongoDB is version 2.6.4, but the version available in the repositories of Linux distributions, including Fedora and Debian/Ubuntu, is version 2.4.6. There are functions available on version 2.6.4 that are not supported in version 2.4.6, so if you are taking any of the online classes provided by MongoDB, Inc, you should be running version 2.6.4.

To install MongoDB 2.6.4 on Fedora 20, I created a repo file called /etc/yum.repos.d/mongodb.repo, and added the following:

Read the complete artile at the forum.

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