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Casino Life: Games that exploded on the App Store

Bitcoin Casinos

With over USD $300-million in revenue being moved through the iOS App Store as of 2018, it’s no wonder that casino enthusiasts are paying attention to the marketplace.

Slots, Slots and More Slots!

With the ever-increasing popularity of pastime activities, software developers are starting to create games that simulate the casino environment without leaving the comfort of home. A large section of this community was created as a niche within the social media realm for players to gamble with online currency while interacting with friends. A company named Playtika first pioneered this market by introducing a free-to-play model that players fell in love with. The company provided users with a plethora of games like Slotomania that could be enjoyed across multiple platforms like the iPad, iPhone, iOS and Android.

Playtika hit an area within the casino market that was booming. Slot machines, and all of their iterations, rank among the most popular casino games that people enjoy. In fact, statistical data released by Market Realist has shown that free-to-play slots are preferred by both young and mature players. This perfectly illustrates why Playtika’s Slotomania and Caesars Slots have garnered so much interest over the years.

Zynga Poker – Texas Hold’em

Touted as the largest poker site by experts at ESPN, Texas Hold’em from Zynga Poker is currently ranked as one of the most-played games on the market. A feature that has attracted many players is the weekly head-to-head battles that take place that provide huge payout incentives for the winner. This gives players a reason to log on every day and try their hardest to win hands against some of the best users from around the globe.

But more importantly, the code behind Zynga is what has kept them at the top of the food chain. In simple terms, programming algorithms are developed to act as a set of instructions that the game uses to generate cards. With mediocre algorithms, card combinations have the tendency to accumulate patterns and stray away from random luck. With Zynga, the algorithm has been tested by third-party consultants to ensure each hand is completely random. This means players will be forced to use their critical thinking, bluffing ability and logic to outsmart their opponent as opposed to abusing faulty code.

The online casino community is alive and well! For newcomers that want to break into the genre, now is the time. A variety of games have been created around the exciting and breathtaking world that surrounds high-stakes gaming. Don’t wait until it’s too late — start playing now!

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