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Blockchain conference in Dallas: Blockchain & Decentralized Tech SuperSummit

Blockchain & Decentralized Tech SuperSummit is a 4-day conference on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies that will take place from April 1 – 4, 2019, in Dallas, Texas (USA). It will be a showcase for all possible use cases of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, including presentations and discussion panels on blockchain security and digital identities, industrial and food supply chain, IoT, cryptocurrency mining and trading, blockchain and AI, AR/VR, fintech, blockchain and gaming, and government regulations and policies.

Activities will be evenly split into 2 days of training and 2 days of conference presentations. In fact eight (8) classes and workshops have already been added to the training schedule, including three (3) classes for developers and architects, two (2) classes for business executives and non-technical professionals, two (2) classes for lawyers, auditors, regulators and law enforcement professionals, and one (1) class for cryptocurrency traders and investors. It’s a packed training schedule, and we’re sure there will be at least one class or workshop that you can take that will enhance your blockchain and cryptocurrency skill sets.

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Speaking, sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities are filling up fast, so get in touch with us pronto if you wish to participate at the conference. The event will be held at a facility that can seat 2000+ and accommodate 75+ exhibitors, so you’ll be speaking and showcasing your brand and services before lots and lots of people. The contact email address is at the main conference website – For a 10% discount off the standard ticket price, use the following code: LBSD-10.

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BDT SuperSummit

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