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Pear Linux Comice OS 4 Netbook screen shot preview

Pear Linux is a relatively new community project that publishes several versions of Linux desktop distributions. The projects first “stable” release, Pear Linux Panther 3, was a horde of bugs, and was soon put back in beta mode.

During that time, the distribution was renamed to Comice OS, and the first stable edition, Pear Linux Comice OS 4, was released on March 23. There was a standard desktop edition, a netbook edition, and a KDE edition. The KDE edition is in first beta.

Screen shots from a test installation of the main edition have already been published (see Pear Linux Comice OS 4 screen shot preview. This article provides some screen shots from a test installation of the netbook edition.

The default desktop.
Comice OS 4 Netbook Desktop Default

The default desktop with a different wallpaper. and showing the user activity indicator.
Comice OS 4 Netbook Desktop User

Instead of the main edition’s Launchpad, Comice OS 4 Netbook has a customized menu.
Comice O 4 Netbook Menu

This shows page 3 of that menu.
Comice O 4 Netbook Menu Apps

Using the menu’s search feature.
Comice O 4 Netbook Menu Search

List of installed applications as seen from Nautilus, the file manager.
Comice OS 4 Nautilus

The Calendar.
Comice O 4 Netbook Calendar

Weather applet.
Comice O 4 Netbook Desktop Weather

Comice OS 4 netbook also has a custom version of the graphical package manager. Here is the category and default view of the Pear Appstore Mini, as it is called.
Comice O 4 Netbook Appstore Mini

List of applications in Appstore Mini.
Comice O 4 Netbook Appstore Mini Apps

Information page of application on Appstore Mini.
Comice O 4 Netbook Appstore Mini App Info

You may download an installation image of the 32- and 64-bit editions of Comice OS 4 here.

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