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Linpus Lite Desktop 1.7 review

Linpus Lite is a Linux distribution published by Linpus Technologies, Inc., a Linux software solutions provider based in Taiwan. Linpus Lite Desktop is, as the name implies, the version designed for traditional desktop computing. Aside from that, the company also publishes other editions (for example, Linpus Lite Android Edition and Linpus Lite PCTV), but those are for OEMs and ODMs vendors only, and not available for download by the public. (OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer; ODM – Original Design Manufacturer.)

Linpus Lite Desktop 1.7 is the latest stable release of Linpus Lite Desktop. The previous version, Linpus Lite Desktop 1.6, was reviewed at Linpus Lite Desktop 1.6 review. Screen shots from this latest release have been published already (see Linpus Lite Desktop 1.7 screen shot preview). This article offers a detailed. Whether you actually consider it a detailed review, or even a simple review, is another matter.

Since the release of Linpus Lite Desktop 1.4, which I reviewed here, Linpus Lite Desktop has been going down hill, both in terms of features and in the number of applications installed out of the box.

Take the installer, for example. A beautiful, graphical program that in Linpus Lite Desktop 1.4 and Linpus Lite Desktop 1.6 had features somewhat on par with YALI, the installation program of Pardus. In this latest release, that installation program has been reduced to a shell of the previous editions. The interface is still beautiful, but beyond that, it has turned into a joke. A very bad one at that.

The screen shot below shows the first step in the installation process. Notice that it is not called an installation program, but a recovery program. And when you use it, you are no longer installing the system, but restoring it. As you will see further down, this is not the only instance where a traditional task has been redefined in Linpus Lite Desktop 1.7.
Linpus Lite Desktop 1.7 Installer

At the disk partitioning step of the installation process, the whole process is automated. There is no manual or advanced disk partitioning option. Just select the detected hard drive and click Next to continue with the rest of the installation process.
Linpus Lite Desktop 1.7 Installer Partition

Even when the detected disk has existing partitions, there is no option to delete them.
Linpus Lite Desktop 1.7 Partition Options

At the account setup step, there is no indication that at this step, you will actually be creating the root account password. While this is a small matter, on most installation programs for Linux distributions that use the traditional root account system, you are explicitly informed when you are creating a user account or specifying the root account’s password. But like I said, this is small issue.
Linpus Lite Desktop 1.7 Root Password

Aside from not having a manual disk partitioning option, the installer does not give you the opportunity to choose where the boot loader will be installed. GRUB Legacy (GRUB version 0.97) is the version of the GRand Unified Bootloader used by Linpus Lite Desktop 1.7.

If you have been disappointed by what you have read about the installer, you are going to be even more disappointed with the rest of the system, which, by the way, is powered by GNOME 3.2. Like KahelOS and Linux Deepin, the GNOME 3 desktop has been heavily tweaked to make it more user-friendly. And it is indeed more so than the stock GNOME 3 desktop. But that is the only good thing about the newly installed system.

And what do I mean by that?

Well, for one, there is virtually no application installed out of the box. What follows is a list of all applications installed by default:

  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Firefox 8
  • Shell Terminal
  • Nautilus, the file manager for GNOME desktop
  • System Settings
  • Online Updates

That is it. No email, contact management, video or music player installed. Not even a single game is installed. Cups, the printer package, is not installed. So what can you do with a default installation of Linpus Lite Desktop 1.7? Surf the Internet with Firefox 8. Firefox 11 is the latest version of the popular Web browser available, but Online Updates, the system and application installation program, does not help when it comes time to update the system or install new applications. You might be interested in reading How to install applications on and update Linpus Lite Desktop 1.7.

This is the main interface of Online Updates. It says that there are patches available, but like the W*M*D’s in EYEraq, they are missing. Notice that in Linpus Lite Desktop 1.7 parlance, application updates are “patches,” just as the installer is a recovery program.
Linpus Lite Desktop Online Updates

Even when the update manager applet notifies you that there are updates available for installation, there is nothing to install.
Linpus Lite Desktop Online Updates Applet

The following screen shots are of the desktop showing all the applications installed by default. Keep in mind that these were of the desktop in GNOME Fallback mode running in a virtual environment. I have an installation on real hardware, but the system does not come with gnome-screenshot, the screen shot application for the GNOME desktop installed. So it was not possible to take screen shots of the main GNOME 3 desktop running on real hardware.

This shows Nautilus, the file manager, as the only entry in the Accessories menu category.
Linpus Lite Desktop 1.7 Menu

Firefox 8.0 is the only Internet application installed.
Linpus Lite Desktop 1.7 Menu Internet

Adobe Flash Player is the only entry in the Other menu category.
Linpus Lite Desktop 1.7 Menu Other

System Tools.
Linpus Lite Desktop 1.7 Menu System Tools

The only way I have found to install applications on Linpus Lite Desktop 1.7 is to use the yum command from a shell terminal. Typing yum list at the command line should give you a very long list of installed applications, and those available for installation.

If you want to experience what Linpus Lite Desktop 1.7 has to offer first hand, you may download an installation image from here.

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  1. The page for system updates has a word next to it that says App Manager. You click on that and you get applications to install. Not many.

    so how do you get the Gnome3 to install? Nah, never-mind, this distro has a few nice features, but over-all is a joke and not worth the trouble.

    Linpus is another word for: How to make Linux look bad or a joke OS

  2. You are reviewing Linpus in the GNOME Fallback mode? Kidding? Linpus in full GNOME 3 mode is much prettier and functional!

  3. Linpus… I don’t know how to say…

    There’s a Facebook page to share Linpus Linux info, you can join it and let other know more about Linpus (good or bad).

  4. Its a joke on the name of linux distro, taking whole disk means have to buy a new hard disk to install.

  5. i am also having problem with the linpus lite 1.7 network capability, like when i use a different node (LAN) to browse or update, it does not connect despite the fact that it is configured to DHCP and the most frustrating part is when i try to connect to a wifi network, it doesn’t do anything, although the wep key is provided and the connection manager says that it is connected at blah3x kbps still i can’t browse. HELP is HIGH APPRECIATED. tnx

  6. u all already 4get about what mine is mine?tht wht linpus do
    ,compare oem odm with download able version,nice but download version just a con as a tiket into OPEN WORLD like everybody else given.i like redhat,give fedora as real thing not like this.

  7. I tried Linpus Lite 1.7. It has a couple of customization on top of Gnome 3 and the UI looks nice. I also tried online update and basically I can download patch and apps from it.

    • Your comment prompted me to login into my installation of Linpus Lite Desktop 1.7 just to see what’s up with it. fired up Online Updates and sure enough, there was a patch available for installation. And the name of the patch? Installed it and that was it. No other patches were available.

  8. This is the second review I have seen for this distro that shows this “fallback” look Linpus Lite 1.7 has. When I gave it a try (installed to HD, dual-booted w/ Win 7) it had a very different look, one which resembled the screenshots available from the official site. With that said, I still found Linpus Lite 1.7 to be terrible. It was slow, ugly and all around just hard to use. If you are looking for a heavily modified Gnome 3 experience, I would go with Deepin, but that of course is just one man’s opinion.

    • Screen shots of Linpus Lite Desktop 1.7 of the GNOME 3 desktop in normal mode is available here.

      Btw, I agree with your statement about Deepin, even though it has its own issues.

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  10. I agree with TanKe, no one going to install it, no custom partitioning option taking whole hard disk, its really a joke.
    Overall thanks for this in depth review.

  11. Ryan Johnson

    This is sad.. this distro is really sad… as bad as Gosalia.

  12. I don’t know what kind of joke this linpus Linux is. It should be deleted from Distrowatch database as a scam or something.

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