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Mandriva Desktop 2011 pre-release screenshot review

A problem with the ROSA Panel that I almost missed shows up in the KDE Plasma Netbook interface. The panel follows you there. That makes it two problems with the ROSA Launcher and one with the ROSA Panel.
KDE Plasma Netbook on Mandriva Desktop 2011 RC 2

If you did not like the ROSA Launcher at first sight, the TimeFrame feature is a compelling reason reconsider. This screenshot does not show very much, but by the time the final version is released, I will have more to showcase the benefits of TimeFrame.
Mandriva Desktop 2011 TimeFrame

I’ll use the next three screenshots to show most of the applications installed by default. This shows the Internet applications. Firefox 5 is the default Web browser installed, with Konqueror, the native KDE Web and file browser, as the alternate.
Mandriva Desktop 2011 ROSA Launcher

This just shows the installed office and graphics applications.
Mandriva Desktop 2011 ROSA Launcher

The installed multimedia applications and some of the graphical system administrative tools. Usually, distributions ship with the HP Device Manager, but Mandriva Desktop 2011 RC 2 comes with equivalent applications for Epson and Lexmark printers. First time I have seen Epson and Lexmark tools on a Linux distribution. Very nice.
Mandriva Desktop 2011 ROSA Launcher

Improver is a system testing tool for the Mandriva desktop. It automatically collects most data needed to run a system test. Using Improver requires registration. Easy and hassle free. Just type in your name and email and a comment, click Next, and you are on your way.

Improver has four different test plans.
Mandriva Desktop 2011 Improver Test Options

For the standard test I completed, there were 42 questions to answer.
Mandriva Desktop 2011 Improver Test

Most of the questions are pretty easy. A first time user will have no problem providing the required answers.
Mandriva Desktop 2011 Improver Question

There are questions that require using the command line to provide some input, but those are very few, just two or three.
Mandriva Desktop 2011 Improver Question Expert

The end. Before Mandriva Desktop 2011 is released in August, expect at least three more articles dealing with dual-booting and installation on new file systems in the Linux kernel.

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  1. KookieMonster

    @Mohamed Malik: if I’m not mistaken, darktable requires Gnome (see Its also one of my favorites.You might need to add a few extra librairies to use it… except if you intend to use the gnome version of mandriva.
    This KDE version sure looks nice, I will give it a try soon.

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  3. Hi downloading at the moment…..! here in the Maldives internet is slow so it takes some time…! does it have digikam 2 and darktable in the repo’s….i need these two apps for my daily work!

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  5. If you scroll down “LXer” you get to:
    4 Tools To Get Hardware Information In Linux
    byWebUpd8; By Andrew Dickinson.
    This seems to provide even more information than mandriva’s app.
    Perhaps you could take a look and compare?

  6. Looks kool, surely will give it a try.

  7. Since it’s made in Brazil, France and Russia, it makes more sense to default to SP than NY.

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