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Yum in Redhat Enterprise Linux 6.1

Editor: This post is by James Antill. It looks at yum, the command line tool for managing applications on certain RPM-based Linux distributions like Redhat Enterprise Linux and Fedora. Time to look at a few features of yum in RHEL-6.1 now that it’s released: Search is more user-friendly – As we maintain yum we are always looking for the “minor” […]

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Systemd for Developers

Systemd not only brings improvements for administrators and users, it also brings a (small) number of new APIs with it. In this blog story (which might become the first of a series) I hope to shed some light on one of the most important new APIs in systemd: Socket Activation – In the original blog story about systemd I tried […]

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Hardware Encryption Developed for New Computer Memory Technology

Security concerns are one of the key obstacles to the adoption of new non-volatile main memory (NVMM) technology in next-generation computers, which would improve computer start times and boost memory capacity. But now researchers from North Carolina State University have developed new encryption hardware for use with NVMM to protect personal information and other data. NVMM technologies, such as phase-change […]

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Android Vulnerability: Use Precaution on Public WiFi

Yesterday, researchers from Germany’s University of Ulm reported that some Android applications transmit sensitive authentication data without properly securing it, making people vulnerable to having their private data (e.g. Calendar Contacts, Pictures) accessed by an attacker. When a vulnerable device transmits its authentication data, an attacker can eavesdrop and view transmitted data if you are connected to a public WiFi […]

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Top 10 upcoming Android tablets

Contrary to popular belief, the iPad 2 isn’t the only tablet computer in the world. Yes, it is rather wonderful, and the game support is staggering, but there are still some niggling issues that take the shine off the supremely shiny device. Consider the bizarre lack of Flash support, which creates a distinctly web 1.0 browsing experience, or the upscaled […]

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Manual disk partitioning guide for Kubuntu 11.04

Manual disk partitioning guide for Kubuntu 11.04

Like the Ubuntu 11.04 installer, the Kubuntu 11.04 installation program configures just two partitions by default. These are for /, the root directory, and Swap, disk space for use as virtual memory. To make upgrades less tasking, it is recommended that a separate partition be created for /home, the directory where your home folder will be located. This article presents […]

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