Lunar Linux Lunar is a source based Linux distribution developed by a very talented team of programmers from all over the world, working together to extend the Linux technology into better-tailored and more optimized software for the end user. Lunar uses and builds upon the Linux kernel, and offers a unique package management system which builds each software package, or module, from scratch for the machine in which it is being installed.

Origin – Home Page: USA – Lunar Linux

Desktop: All known desktops – KDE, Gnome, Fluxbox, etc

Price: Free and Open Source

Comments: If you have installed and used Gentoo, and want to try Lunux, you will be wading in familiar waters. You can customize a Lunar system to your hearts content. According to information from the Lunar site, Lunar Linux “makes customization a breeze — you choose the compile options before a module is built, and install a lean and uncluttered system that has exactly what you need. Nothing more, or less.”

Sounds good, but that entails some effort on your part, and like Gentoo Linux, Lunar documentations are just as good. So if you bored with one-size-fits-all distros, and want an operating system tailore-made for you and your machine. click the download link below and the doc link after it and have some fun.

Download/Buy:: The latest stable version is Lunar-1.6.1, and iso images for x86 and x86-64 architectures are available for download here.

Tutorials/Tips: Here’s the Lunar install doc.

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